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We did it! It would have been handy with a massage therapist at hand during the event:)

"We completed the National 24 hour 3 Peaks Challenge! Yay!"

It was absolutely the hardest challenge I've done so far. I am still recovering, and I guess it will take a few days before my muscles are back to normal.

So how did it go?
Well, we realised quite quickly that we hadn't prepared enough. Or should I rather say, we could have prepared slightly better and different. We had done long walks in the Great Windsor Park, and anyone who has seen it knows, that it isn't exactly mountainous:) We also prepared at the gym, doing long walks on a steep incline on the treadmill. In all fairness we did what we thought was best. Looking back, I would have just gone up and down, up and down, up and down our staircase at home combined with long walks. Mountain walking is more like stepping up and down. Lesson learned for next time. If there is a next time 😜

Anyway, apart from sore knees on descending and totally dead quads now, I am absolutely fine. I am trying to massage my legs, resting them and doing gentle walks. I've caught up on my sleep and all in all I feel happy and a sense of accomplishment.

"This year's challenge is......... 3 Peaks challenge!"
This year I have signed up for the 3 Peaks Challenge. Why? Because not only do I like a good challenge, but I LOVE nature and also the fact, that I didn't get into London Marathon this year. I have fallen out of love with running and I thought, that signing up for London Marathon would get me motivated again. I knew, that the chances of actually getting a place were slim, but hey, if you don't try, you don't get, right?
So when the results came through and I didn't get in, I thought to myself, that running is not everything. There are so many other wonderful sports out there and some(or most) even better for your body.

I am doing this event with a good friend of mine and it is now 21rd March - only three months to go and we've only just starting our training properly. We're combining gym training with walks in the Great Park where we have a few minor hills that we're walking up and down. I know it sounds tedious, but we really have to build up our stamina to be able to do this.

If you're not familiar with this challenge, I can tell you that it's 3 mountains in 24 hours, hiking for 4-5 hours on each mountain. They are Ben Nevis, Scotland - Scafell Pike, England - Snowdonia, Wales. All in 24 hours - gulp! What have we signed up for:)

I'll keep you updated with my training and how it goes.

To be continued....

"Can I please have a Sports Massage?"
I have had clients asking this. So how do we actually define a sports massage? A lot of people see a sports massage as a very deep massage that is specifically for people doing sports.

Is a body that is doing sports different anatomically from a body that is not doing sports? Well as a starting point all bodies are different and muscles/tissue/tendons/ligaments will develop differently depending on how they are used, so the answer is both yes and no.
If by sports massage you mean a massage that is specifically designed for people doing sports, I would argue that such thing doesn't exist. How can we massage a sport? With different types of sports there can be a pattern in typically occurring injuries, like for example runners often have problems with their legs. The interesting thing is though, that some have problems with hamstrings and others their quadriceps(or other areas, but for argument sake I will only mention 2). This is due to the fact that their bodies are different, their techniques vary, posture, breathing or body weight might be the cause of the difference.

When I treat clients, I look at their individual body and try and identify the root of the problem that is causing them pain. It is not always straight forward, but together with my clients we usually find the reason for their niggles (unless of course it's an obvious injury or similar).

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